It has been a while since ATLAS for Oxfam Novib was launched, so it was about time that we took a closer look at the performance. How could we make this project browser more user-friendly?  What would really be a useful improvement? Since the difficulty of this project browser is the amount of variables, it’s a challenge to keep things simple.

Information about a project or country was already easy to find. But what if information about a region or project is nog sufficient? What if you need to know what the results are of projects related to a specific theme? Where do you start your search?


Each and every project of Oxfam Novib has been assigned to a certain theme. The themes have been determined by the input of all project details. Next up wass the dropdown menu where you can choose the theme you need information about.

In one glance you can see the projects that are related to, for example, ‘The violation of women rights’ and this means you can see the total of all results after only one click.

Also the concept of ‘Area’ is being recognized by this project browser. What activities concern, for example, the investment of the government? How can we measure if the public contribution has been improved? Each project is connected to certain ‘Areas’, this means that it’s easy to search for the results of different areas.

And to complete the user-friendliness it is also possible to set a filter for both a theme and area at the same time. This will give you detailed information, easy accessible.

The search result shows specific information about a theme in a certain area. For example, what is the impact of the renewed legislation on the violation of women rights? Which projects are involved, what do they contain?

The information can be downloaded to an excel file, so you can use these details right away in your own way.

And last but not least. A huge advantage that is not visible for the visitors of this project browser, is the speed of the import of the data. Large data sets can be imported in only 15 minutes at night, instead of the 90 minutes it used to take. A perfect way to start the day with up to date information.