Within Dutch Railways (NS) there was the need to take a closer look at the results of their content strategy. “The numbers tell the tale”, says Edger Louwaard (Manager Multichannel). So Prisma IT accepted the challenge and developed a new dashboard.

Are the messages spread by NS really effective?
Communication at the right time, using the right channels to reach the right target group is essential. Are the videos being watched and by whom? When do viewers stop watching? Is there an advantage in putting an article on top of the newsletter? The customer journey is very important to be able to determine the content strategy.

Gaining insights

With the right insight you can determine whether goals are being achieved and what the influence of your content is. “Eventually all of our communication is important when setting KPI’s”, says Edger. For NS the insight in communication horizontally was important, so the result of each channel would become visible in one glance. That’s why the dashboard was integrated in the content management system and this CMS is part of the publication process. This means that the results can also be seen by colleagues who have no right to publish but need to know the statistics for different reasons.

Who is using the dashboard?

Each and every editor of NS who is using CMS ePublisher is able to use the statistics in the dashboard. It’s great to see the effects of the posts you actually published. Statistics create awareness of the impact of the messages you spread and they help you make the right choices in creating and publishing new content. Communication specialists are able to even look at the effect on asset level. Which article is read the most? Where was this video being played? What is the total reach and effect all communication? Which content was used in which publication? Everything is very detailed being measured and shown.


In reality

No dashboard can exist without input. The input is being sent by different channels. Newletters from NS are being composed in ePublisher. This version of Multi-Channel Publisher (MCP) is designed by Prisma IT especially for NS. This made it very easy to connect it to the dashboard that we made. Piwik is connected to ePublisher so we measure how often the newsletter is seen, on which device and for how long. For each newsletter you can review the results and gain insight in the customer journey. NS uses Yammer and with an API we collect the data from Yammer and show it in the dashboard. Which article is being ‘liked’ the most by the employees and who is most active on Yammer? The answers are visible in the dashboard. The Brightcove platform enables NS to show videos, not only in the trains, but also in the offices of NS. The data of this mediaplayer is also being send to the dashboard and now it’s visible which video is played most often and at what location.


Team Dashboard
Extending the dashboard

Every output channel has its own page in the dashboard with detailed information. It’s also possible to combine these pages into one page. With the right combination of data you can determine the content strategy and see if this strategy works.

The dashboard can easily be extended with more channels. There are several plugins for applications like Piwik, Google Analytics, Brightcove and Yammer. But there are also plugins developed for different output channels like unique CMS systems.

This dashboard is suitable for the needs of every customer, because the plugins are used on a solid foundation.

“By using all new standards the dashboard corresponds with every possible device.The graphics are animated and interactive, so the analyzing of the data is clear and pleasant”, says Edger finally.



‘Door gebruik te maken van de nieuwste standaarden kunnen we op alle devices het dashboard benaderen. Daarnaast zijn de grafieken geanimeerd en interactief waardoor het analyseren van de data prettiger en overzichtelijker is’, sluit Edger tevreden af.